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HM-MA 20 Máquina de pasteurización de helado

HM-MA 20 Máquina de pasteurización de helado

HM-MA 20 Máquina de pasteurización de helado

Model Number
Hm-ma 20
Place of Origin
Guangdong China (continental)
Lead Time
30-35 días de trabajo después del depósito TT
OEM Availability
Payment Term
T / T, L / C, O / A
Suitable For
Helado italiano, tienda de helados de cadena, cafetería, pastelería.
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Ice Cream Pasteurization Machine

Ice Cream Pasteurization Machine|Product specification|Product Features|Product Advantage

Product specification:

It can be used in any ice cream workroom for producing various kinds of ice cream and Gelato mix, under fully hygienic condition .

Temperature raises to 85℃(or any temperature needed),and stays at 85 (or any temperature needed) for five minutes to kill bacteria, then rapidly cools down and stays at the temperature of 4 ℃ for ageing for a specified period of time or even overnight to make the mix more creamier.

Product Features:


1. User-friendly and simple operation.

2. Computer-controlled machine designed to regulate both high temperature pasteurization at 85and low temperature pasteurization at 65.

3. In addition to ensure the Gelato mix is bacteria free, the pasteurizing and ageing process activates and stabilizes the ingredients to improve the taste and texture of the finished product.

4. We use the turbine mix to make the well-proportioned heating temperature of all the vat pasteurizers.

5. Different size turbines are adopted for the 20L and 35L machines, so you dont need to worry about the function of the mixing while heating.

6. The pasteurizing and ageing process takes about 2 hours.

7. The pasteurizing machine is also an ageing machine, so it ends up with a more creamy mix and you can keep it cold in the machine until it is needed.

8. The sound signal will warn the operator when the entire pasteurizing cycle is finished.


Product Advantage:

1. Pasteurization

If you sell out ice cream at night the system automatic setup Pasteurization : Can kill the bacteria that produce inside the machine from -5℃ → 65℃→ -5℃process ( disinfect the loading cylinder and raw material inside , then refrigerate to booking status ). so you can keep the machine each 14 days one time.

2. Controller

The control panel clearly shows the internal functions of the machine. You can clear the machine inside the temperature and timely.


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